Design of Device Mutual Authentication Protocol in Smart Home Environment.

CSII (selected papers)(2018)

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Amid the rapid expansion of smart devices including smartphone in our daily lives, more and more households have been adopting new forms of Smart Home services by linking home electronics with their smart devices. This kind of Smart Home services are aimed to make people’s personal spaces more comfortable and convenient. However, the connection among many smart devices could lead to a situation in which the devices could be controlled by third parties through malware, unauthenticated access or hacking, increasing the risk of device modulation, privacy invasion, and date leak. Therefore, it is imperative to come up with some security requirements. There is a problem of the existing home network system: it allows multiple ways of protocol, making it impossible for devices with different protocols to be connected and provide safe services. Also, the whole system would stop if a system component does not work in the server-based platform. This paper will suggest a security protocol for device/user authentication and access control in order to enable easy and convenient compatibility services. In addition, it gives you a way to establish a safe and secure framework thorough the protocol suggested.
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