Further studies on numerical instabilities of Godunov-type schemes for strong shocks

arXiv: Computational Physics(2021)

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In this paper, continuous research is undertaken to explore the underlying mechanism of numerical shock instabilities of Godunov-type schemes for strong shocks. By conducting dissipation analysis of Godunov-type schemes and a sequence of numerical experiments, we are able to clarify that the instability may be attributed to insufficient entropy production inside the numerical shock structure. As a result, a general entropy-control technique for improving the robustness of various Godunov-type schemes at strong shocks is developed. It plays a part in guaranteeing that enough entropy is produced inside the numerical shock structure. Furthermore, such a modified approach does not introduce any additional numerical dissipation on linear degenerate waves to suppress the shock instability. Numerical results that are obtained for various test cases indicate that the proposed methods have a good performance in terms of accuracy and robustness.
Godunov-type schemes, Carbuncle, Riemann solver, Shock instability, Finite volume, Hypersonic
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