Imposing jump conditions on nonconforming interfaces for the Correction Function Method: A least squares approach.

Journal of Computational Physics(2019)

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We introduce a technique that simplifies the problem of imposing jump conditions on interfaces that are not aligned with a computational grid in the context of the Correction Function Method (CFM). The CFM offers a general framework to solve Poisson's equation in the presence of discontinuities to high order of accuracy, while using a compact discretization stencil. A key concept behind the CFM is enforcing the jump conditions in a least squares sense. This concept requires computing integrals over sections of the interface, which is a challenge in 3-D when only an implicit representation of the interface is available (e.g., the zero contour of a level set function). The technique introduced here is based on a new formulation of the least squares procedure that relies only on integrals over domains that are amenable to simple quadrature after local coordinate transformations. We incorporate this technique into a fourth order accurate implementation of the CFM, and show examples of solutions to Poisson's equation with imposed jump conditions computed in 2-D and 3-D.
Correction Function Method,Embedded interface,Poisson's equation,High accuracy,Gradient-Augmented Level Set Method
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