Adjacent Channel Interference Modeling of Single Vibration Point on Multichannel Dynamic Pressure Sensors.

J. Sensors(2020)

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Pulse waves of a radial artery under different pressures applied through a cuff play an important role in disease diagnosis, especially in traditional chinese medicine (TCM). Pulse waves could be collected by a pressure sensor array affixed to an inflatable cuff. During a process of collecting pulse waves, one sensor of a sensor array moves up and down when the sensor is shocked by a pulse wave. Movement of the sensor leads to the passive displacement of other nearby sensors because of a connecting structure between them. Then, vibration signals will be generated by the nearby sensors although these sensors do not receive radial artery pulse waves. These vibration signals considered an interference are usually superimposed on real signals obtained from these nearby sensors and degrade signal quality. The problem mentioned above does not only generally exist in a pressure sensor array attached to a wristband but also is easy to ignore. This paper proposes a novel interference suppression algorithm based on Welch’s method for estimating and weakening adjacent sensor channel interference to overcome the problem. At first, a sensor array attached to an inflatable cuff and a vibration generator is proposed to establish an experimental platform for simplifying the pulse wave collection process. Then, the interference suppression algorithm is proposed according to mechanical analysis and Welch’s method based on the proposed sensor array and vibration generator. Next anti-interference abilities of the algorithm based on a simplified process are evaluated by different vibration frequencies and applied pressures. The anti-interference abilities of the algorithm based on pulse waves of the radial artery are evaluated indirectly. The results show that the novel interference suppression algorithm could weaken adjacent sensor channel interference and upgrade the signal quality.
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