Imaging of laser excited surface acoustic wave for in-process evaluation of 3 D additive manufacturing ( AM ) process 3 D 積層造形のレーザー励起弾性表面波映像化によるインプロ セス評価


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Additive manufacturing (AM) significantly attracts attention from worldwide manufacturing industries. Especially recent progress of the metal-based AM technologies exemplified by powder bed fusion (PBF) method promotes that the usages of the AM shift from fabrication of prototypes to manufacturing of industrial products. This trend simultaneously draws manufacturer’s attention to the reliability of AM products. To ensure the strength and lifetime performance of AM products is therefore one of the most crucial issues. Our previous study showed that the velocity of the longitudinal wave decreased on the defective specimen fabricated by PBF method. 1) However, longitudinal wave is not sensitive to layer defects near the surface, frequently observed in AM products. Moreover, imaging is crucial for evaluating where and how large the defects are. In these respects, surface acoustic wave (SAW) is more advantageous than longitudinal waves. Thus, we develop a method for evaluating AM products using imaging of laser excited SAW. The performance of the method is discussed as the in-process monitoring for AM.
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