Review of Iris Presentation Attack Detection Competitions

David Yambay, Priyanka Das, Aidan Boyd, Joseph McGrath, Zhaoyuan (Andy) Fang,Adam Czajka, Stephanie Schuckers,Kevin Bowyer, Mayank Vatsa,Richa Singh, Afzel Noore, Naman Kohli, Daksha Yadav, Mateusz Trokielewicz, Piotr Maciejewicz, Amir Mohammadi,Sebastien Marcel

Handbook of biometric anti-spoofing(2023)

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Biometric recognition systems have been shown to be susceptible to presentation attacks, the use of an artificial biometric in place of a live biometric sample from a genuine user. Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) is suggested as a solution to this vulnerability. The LivDet-Iris Liveness Detection Competition strives to showcase the state of the art in presentation attack detection by assessing the software-based iris Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) methods, as well as hardware-based iris PAD methods against multiple datasets of spoof and live fingerprint images. These competitions have been open to all institutions, industrial and academic, and competitors can enter as either anonymous or using the name of their institution. There have been four LivDet-Iris competitions organized to date: the series was launched in 2013, and the most recent competition was organized in 2020, with the other two happening in 2015 and 2017. This chapter briefly characterizes all four competitions, discusses the state of the art in iris PAD (from the independent evaluations point of view), and current needs to push the iris PAD reliability forward.
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