A Survey on Limitation, Security and Privacy Issues on Additive Manufacturing


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Additive manufacturing (AM) is growing as fast as anyone can imagine, and it is now a multi-billion-dollar industry. AM becomes popular in a variety of sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, biomedical, and pharmaceutical, for producing parts/ components/ subsystems. However, current AM technologies can face vast risks of security issues and privacy loss. For the security of AM process, many researchers are working on the defense mechanism to countermeasure such security concerns and finding efficient ways to eliminate those risks. Researchers have also been conducting experiments to establish a secure framework for the user's privacy and security components. This survey consists of four sections. In the first section, we will explore the relevant limitations of additive manufacturing in terms of printing capability, security, and possible solutions. The second section will present different kinds of attacks on AM and their effects. The next part will analyze and discuss the mechanisms and frameworks for access control and authentication for AM devices. The final section examines the security issues in various industrial sectors and provides the observations on the security of the additive manufacturing process.
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