Blockchain Technology Based Information Classification Management Service


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Hyper-connectivity in Industry 4.0 has resulted in not only a rapid increase in the amount of information, but also the expansion of areas and assets to be protected. In terms of information security, it has led to an enormous economic cost due to the various and numerous security solutions used in protecting the increased assets. Also, it has caused difficulties in managing those issues due to reasons such as mutual interference, countless security events and logs' data, etc. Within this security environment, an organization should identify and classify assets based on the value of data and their security perspective, and then apply appropriate protection measures according to the assets' security classification for effective security management. But there are still difficulties stemming from the need to manage numerous security solutions in order to protect the classified assets. In this paper, we propose an information classification management service based on blockchain, which presents and uses a model of the value of data and the security perspective. It records transactions of classifying assets and managing assets by each class in a distributed ledger of blockchain. The proposed service reduces assets to be protected and security solutions to be applied, and provides security measures at the platform level rather than individual security solutions, by using blockchain. In the rapidly changing security environment of Industry 4.0, this proposed service enables economic security, provides a new integrated security platform, and demonstrates service value.
Information classification, data integrity, document security, blockchain, CIA
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