Evaluation Of Anti-Adhesion Characteristics Of Diamond-Like Carbon Film By Combining Friction And Wear Test With Step Loading And Weibull Analysis


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Anti-adhesion characteristics are important requirements for diamond-like carbon (DLC) films. The failure load corresponding to the anti-adhesion capacity varies greatly on three types of DLC film (hydrogen-free amorphous carbon film (a-C), hydrogenated amorphous carbon film (a-C:H), and tetrahedral hydrogen-free amorphous carbon film (ta-C)) in the friction and wear test with step loading using a high-frequency, linear-oscillation tribometer. Therefore, a new method that estimates a representative value of the failure load was developed in this study by performing a statistical analysis based on the Weibull distribution based on the assumption that the mechanism of delamination of a DLC film obeys the weakest link model. The failure load at the cumulative failure probabilities of 10% and 50% increased in the order ta-C < a-C:H < a-C and ta-C < a-C < a-C:H, respectively. The variation of the failure load, represented by the Weibull slope, was minimum on ta-C and maximum on a-C:H. The rank of the anti-adhesion capacity of each DLC film with respect to the load obtained by a constant load test agreed with the rank of the failure load on each DLC film at the cumulative failure probability of 10% obtained by Weibull analysis. It was found to be possible to evaluate the anti-adhesion capacity of a DLC film under more practical conditions by combining the step loading test and Weibull analysis.
diamond-like carbon, friction, wear, delamination, adhesion, high-frequency, linear-oscillation tribometer, Weibull distribution
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