High Temperature Tribological Performance And Thermal Conductivity Of Thick Ti/Ti-Dlc Multilayer Coatings With The Application Potential For Al Alloy Pistons


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To improve the mechanical and tribological performance of Al alloy for pistons, a similar to 17 mu m thick Ti-DLC multilayer coating composed of alternating Ti and Ti-DLC layers was designed and prepared on the Al alloy substrate by FCVA technology.The microstructure, mechanical properties, high temperature tribological properties and thermal conductivity of the coating were evaluated. The results showed that the added Ti atoms were embedded in the amorphous carbon structure in the form of TiC crystals to form a nanocrystalline amorphous composite structure. The tribological test demonstrated that the multilayer Ti-DLC coating exhibited excellent wear resistance at room temperature, benefiting from the high hardness, high toughness and superior plastic deformation resistance, namely hardness H (similar to 18.1 GPa), Young's modulus E (similar to 168.2 GPa), H/E (-0.11), H-3/E-2 (similar to 0.21 GPa), and elastic recovery W-e (similar to 61.5%) values. At a high temperature test of 300 degrees C, the coating can maintain outstanding tribological properties with a low friction coefficient of similar to 0.12 and a low wear rate of similar to 2.69 x 10(-7) mm(3)/Nm. The thermal conductivity of the multilayer Ti-DLC coating Al alloy substrate was about 30 W/(m.K) lower than that of the untreated substrate under above 300 degrees C, which indicated that the multilayer Ti-DLC coating could reduce heat loss and improve fuel, and had the potential to be used as a protective coating for Al alloy pistons.
Multilayer Ti-DLC, Al alloy, High temperature tribological properties, Thermal conductivity
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