Multiway Non-Rigid Point Cloud Registration via Learned Functional Map Synchronization

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence(2023)

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We present SyNoRiM, a novel way to jointly register multiple non-rigid shapes by synchronizing the maps that relate learned functions defined on the point clouds. Even though the ability to process non-rigid shapes is critical in various applications ranging from computer animation to 3D digitization, the literature still lacks a robust and flexible framework to match and align a collection of real, noisy scans observed under occlusions. Given a set of such point clouds, our method first computes the pairwise correspondences parameterized via functional maps. We simultaneously learn potentially non-orthogonal basis functions to effectively regularize the deformations, while handling the occlusions in an elegant way. To maximally benefit from the multi-way information provided by the inferred pairwise deformation fields, we synchronize the pairwise functional maps into a cycle-consistent whole thanks to our novel and principled optimization formulation. We demonstrate via extensive experiments that our method achieves a state-of-the-art performance in registration accuracy, while being flexible and efficient as we handle both non-rigid and multi-body cases in a unified framework and avoid the costly optimization over point-wise permutations by the use of basis function maps.
3D point cloud,non-rigid registration,functional map synchronization
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