Distribution Characteristics of Ground Echo Amplitude and Recognition of Signal Grazing Angle


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With the continuous advancement of electronic technology, terahertz technology has gradually been applied on radar. Since short wavelength causes severe ground clutter, this paper studies the amplitude distribution statistical characteristics of the terahertz radar clutter based on the measured data, and provides technical support for the radar clutter suppression. Clutter distribution is the function of the radar glancing angle. In order to achieve targeted suppression, in this paper, selected axial integral bispectrum (selected AIB) feature is selected as deep belief network (DBN)input to complete the radar glancing angle recognition and the network structure, network training method, robustness are analyzed also. The ground clutter amplitude distribution can follow normal distribution at 0-45 degrees grazing angles. The Weibull distribution and GO distribution can describe the amplitude probability density function of ground clutter at grazing angles 85 degrees and 65 degrees. The recognition rate of different signal grazing angles can reach 91% on three different terrains. At the same time, the wide applicability of the selected AIB feature is verified. The analysis results of ground clutter amplitude characteristics play an important role in the suppression of radar ground clutter.
THz ground clutter, bispectrum, amplitude probability density function (PDF), deep belief network
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