A Systematic Approach Towards Efficient Private Matrix Multiplication

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Information Theory(2022)

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We consider the problems of Private and Secure Matrix Multiplication (PSMM) and Fully Private Matrix Multiplication (FPMM), for which matrices privately selected by a master node are multiplied at distributed worker nodes without revealing the indices of the selected matrices, even when a certain number of workers collude with each other. We propose a novel systematic approach to solve PSMM and FPMM with colluding workers, which leverages solutions to a related Secure Matrix Multiplication (SMM) problem where the data (rather than the indices) of the multiplied matrices are kept private from colluding workers. Specifically, given an SMM strategy based on polynomial codes or Lagrange codes, one can exploit the special structure inspired by the matrix encoding function to design private coded queries for PSMM/FPMM, such that the algebraic structure of the computation result at each worker resembles that of the underlying SMM strategy. Adopting this systematic approach provides novel insights in private query designs for private matrix multiplication, substantially simplifying the processes of designing PSMM and FPMM strategies. Furthermore, the PSMM and FPMM strategies constructed following the proposed approach outperform the state-of-the-art strategies in one or more performance metrics including recovery threshold (minimal number of workers the master needs to wait for before correctly recovering the multiplication result), communication cost, and computation complexity, demonstrating a more flexible tradeoff in optimizing system efficiency.
Coded distributed computing,fully private matrix multiplication,lagrange codes,polynomial codes,private and secure matrix multiplication,secure matrix multiplication
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