LS-RQ: A Lightweight and Forward-Secure Range Query on Geographically Encrypted Data

IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing(2022)

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In the era of cloud computing, to achieve convenient location-based service (LBS), consumers such as users, companies, and organizations prefer subcontracting massive geographical data to public clouds after encryption for privacy and security. However, numerous harmful cyber-attacks happen on those public clouds in an unpredicted and hourly manner. To alleviate those concerns, various secure query schemes on the encrypted data have been proposed in the literature. As a fundamental query of LBSs, forward-secure range query has not been well investigated. To address this issue, we propose a lightweight and forward-secure range query (LS-RQ) on geographically encrypted data, which soundly balances between security and efficiency. Promisingly, we design an index mechanism to manage geographical data on the public clouds, while not compromising the privacy of data. Moreover, our LS-RQ schemes provide a convenient approach to range query on geographically encrypted data on-the-fly. We also rigorously prove that LS-RQ is forward-secure. Finally, extensive experimental studies are performed on both real and synthetic datasets. By observation, our LS-RQ schemes are highly efficient in realistic environments. Particularly, on encrypted datasets with about 1000000 geographical data, our solution to secure range query takes strictly less than a second.
Dynamic range query,locality sensitive hashing,proxy re-encryption,forward-security,location-based service
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