Characteristics of organic removal for supermarket wastewater treatment with an anaerobic baffled reactor and efficacy evaluation of changing HRT.

Environmental technology(2022)

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An anaerobic baffled reactor (ABR) is one of the useful wastewater treatment technologies, but the knowledge about its treatment performance for actual wastewater with load fluctuation is limited. The organic removal performance of an ABR for treating supermarket wastewater was evaluated. The ABR, which consisted of eight columns, was examined under four hydraulic retention time (HRT) conditions of 19.4, 12.9, 8.0, and 4.4 h. As a result, the unfiltered chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiency was 80 (±8) % at an HRT of 19.4 h. When the HRT was shortened to 12.9 h, the average unfiltered COD removal efficiency decreased to 58 (±15) %. However, it showed buffering effect against high load inflow in the first column, indicating that it is useful as a pretreatment system under this condition. At an HRT of 4.4 h, the unfiltered COD removal efficiency decreased to 9%, indicating the system failed. The results of the microbial community structure analysis showed that the detection frequency of acidogenic bacteria decreased in proportion to the extension of residence time in the reactor. These results indicate that the ABR is useful for the treatment of supermarket wastewater with load fluctuations as a main treatment system at a HRT of 19.4 h and as a pretreatment system at a HRT of 12.9 h.
ABR,HRT,microbial community composition,shock load,supermarket wastewater
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