Multipole Seismoelectric Well Logging While Drilling

Seismoelectric ExplorationGeophysical Monograph Series(2021)

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The strong tool waves propagating along a collar affect the acoustic waves propagating along the borehole formations in acoustic well logging while drilling (LWD). Because the strong tool waves propagating along the metal collar cannot induce any electric signal in a water-saturated borehole, an electrode in the borehole can receive the seismoelectric signals induced by the waves propagating along the borehole wall formations. These seismoelectric signals are not affected by the tool waves. We built a scaled multipole seismoelectric LWD tool, based on the scaled acoustic LWD tool. The receiver crystals in the acoustic LWD tool are replaced with electrodes and we record the electric field induced by the multipole acoustic source in the sandstone borehole model. Because the tool waves propagating along the metal collar do not generate any seismoelectric signal, the seismoelectric LWD tool can record the electric signals induced by the acoustic waves propagating in the formation, and their apparent velocities are equal to the acoustic velocities of the formation. Because the seismoelectric measurements can completely rule out the effects of the tool wave, the seismoelectric well logging while drilling might be a new method to measure the acoustic velocities in the formation.
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