Approach for Identification of Inter-Turn Fault Location in Transformer Windings Using Sweep Frequency Response Analysis

IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery(2022)

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As inter-turn faults in transformer windings are the most severe, their delayed detection and localization may create extensive damage to the winding. Therefore, a new inter-turn fault localization methodology based on sweep frequency response analysis (SFRA) through calculation of Pre-fault Inter-Turn Fault Factor ( ITFFpre ) for all possible fault locations by estimating the values of series and shunt capacitance of the windings during healthy conditions is presented. For a faulty transformer, Post-fault Inter-Turn Fault Factor ( ITFFpost ) is calculated by determining the value of equivalent capacitance using SFRA. The exact fault location in the faulty transformer is obtained by comparing the single calculated value of ITFFpost of the faulty transformer with the values stored in the lookup table. The efficacy of the suggested approach is verified by performing faults at various locations on the transformer model developed in the laboratory. Its authenticity is also verified on an existing 400 kVA, 11 kV/440 V distribution transformer installed in the real field. The results indicate that the suggested method is capable to identify inter-turn fault location with the minimum ladder network parameters. Finally, a relative assessment of the suggested approach with numerous other methods confirms the superiority in terms of inter-turn fault localization.
Frequency response,transformer winding,parameter estimation,fault location
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