Analysis of Synergistic Stator Permanent Magnet Machine With the Synergies of Flux-Switching and Flux-Reversal Effects

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics(2022)

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Dual permanent magnet (PM) machines have attracted numerous interests due to the high torque density and compact volume . This article investigates a synergistic PM machines with the synergies of flux switching and flux reversal effects. The flux-reversal and flux-switching PM (FSPM) flux paths circulate from two sides of the split teeth separately, which avoid the over-saturation with dual PM excitations. The preferred stator and rotor pole number is derived from a simplified analytical model and the influence of leading parameters is analyzed as design guidelines. Furthermore, the synergistic stator PM machine is optimized and compared with FSPM machines. It is revealed that the synergistic stator PM machine exhibits ∼20%, ∼10%, and ∼17% higher torque density than conventional FSPM machine, C-core FSPM machine, and E-core FSPM machine, respectively. Besides, good flux weakening capability is achieved with a larger inductance than conventional FSPM machine, and higher efficiency is obtained at both low-speed and high-speed operations. Finally, an experimental prototype is fabricated to validate the proposed concepts.
Dual permanent magnet (PM) machine,flux reversal effect,flux switching effect,stator PM
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