Using blockchain and semantic web technologies for the implementation of smart contracts between individuals and health insurance organizations

Blockchain: research and applications(2022)

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Blockchains and smart contracts are gaining momentum as enabling technologies for a wide set of applications where data distribution and sharing among decentralized infrastructures is required. In this work, we present a distributed application developed using blockchain technologies that allows individuals and health insurance organizations to come into agreement during the implementation of the healthcare insurance policies in each contract. For this purpose, health standards and semantic web technologies were used for the formal expression of both the insured individual's data and contract terms. Accordingly, a fine-grained data access policy was applied for evaluating contract terms on the basis of relevant data captured in healthcare settings. A prototype was implemented involving the development of several different smart contracts for the Ethereum platform as well as the necessary visual environment for accessing them. The developed system validates various features related to blockchain and smart contract features that are briefly discussed in this work, part of which can be mitigated or resolved through the use of a private permissioned blockchain. The application of well-established techniques for potential malfunctions of external services could also boost the security of the system and prevent it from potential attacks. • Secure, fast and trustworthy communication among entities in the healthcare ecosystem. • Rich representation and enhanced search using Semantic Web technologies. • Fine-grade data access policy. • Aligned with widely used Healthcare and Clinical Research Standards.
Blockchain,Smart contracts,Insurance organizations,Health standards,Semantic web
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