Microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties of multilayer TiAl/ TiAlN coatings on Al alloys by FCVA technology


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In order to improve the surface properties of Al alloy, TiAlN ceramic coatings composed of alternating TiAl layer and TiAlN layer were prepared by FCVA technology. The influence of N2 flow rate on the microstructure, mechanical and tribological performance of multilayer TiAlN coatings was systematically studied. The results showed that the coating exhibited a multi-phase structure with mainly fcc TiAlN phase and a small amount of TiN and AlN phases. As the N2 flow rate increased from 50 to 80 sccm, the preferred orientation varied from TiAlN (220) plane to (111) plane due to lattice distortion. The hardness and elastic modulus of multilayer TiAlN coatings first increased and then decreased with the increase of N2 flow rate. However, the average friction coefficient and wear rate of multilayer TiAlN coatings exhibited an opposite trend to the hardness, H/E and H3/ E2 values. The adhesion gradually decreased from 27.3 to 14.9 N due to the continuous increase of the compressive stress in the coating with the increase of N2 flow rate. When the N2 flow rate was 70 sccm, the coating showed the lowest average friction coefficient and wear rate, which was attributed to the highest hardness and the best resistance to cracking and plastic deformation.
Ceramic coatings, Multilayer TiAlN, N 2 flow rate, Microstructure, Properties
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