Understanding pre- and syn-orogenic tectonic evolution in western Himalaya through age and petrogenesis of Palaeozoic and Cenozoic granites from upper structural levels of Bhagirathi Valley, NW India


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The Himalaya is characterized by the presence of both pre-Himalayan Palaeozoic and syn-Himalayan Cenozoic granitic bodies, which can help unravel the pre- to syn-collisional geodynamics of this orogen. In the Bhagirathi Valley of Western Himalaya, such granites and the Tethyan Himalayan Sequence (THS) hosting them are bound to the south by the top-to-the-N extensional Jhala Normal Fault (JNF) and low-grade metapelite of the THS to its north. The THS is intruded by a set of leucocratic dykes concordant to the JNF. Zircon U-Pb laser ablation multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-MC-ICP-MS) geochronology of the THS and one leucocratic dyke reveals that the two rocks have a strikingly similar age distribution, with a common and most prominent age peak at similar to 1000 Ma. To the north of the THS lies Bhaironghati Granite, a Palaeozoic two-mica granite, which shows a crystallization age of 512.28 +/- 1.58 Ma. Our geochemical analysis indicates that it is a product of pre-Himalayan Palaeozoic magmatism owing to extensional tectonics in a back-arc or rift setting following the assembly of Gondwana (500-530 Ma). The Cenozoic Gangotri Leucogranite lies to the north of Bhaironghati Granite, and U-Pb dating of zircon from this leucogranite gives a crystallization age of 21.73 +/- 0.11 Ma. Our geochemical studies suggest that the Gangotri Leucogranite is a product of muscovite-dehydration melting of the lower crust owing to flexural bending in relation to steepening of the subducted Indian plate. The leucocratic dykes are highly refracted parts of the Gangotri Leucogranite that migrated and emplaced along extensional fault zones related to the JNF and scavenged zircon from the host THS during crystallization.
leucogranites, magmatism, granite, zircon, Palaeozoic, Cenozoic
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