Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Flow Hydrodynamics and Cohesive Sediment Transport in Enid Lake, Mississippi


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Enid Lake is one of the largest reservoirs located in Yazoo River Basin, the largest basin in the state of Mississippi. The lake was impounded by Enid Dam on the Yocona River in Yalobusha County and covers an area of 30 square kilometers. It provides significant natural and recreational resources. The soils in this region are highly erodible, resulting in a large amount of fine-grained cohesive sediment discharged into the lake. In this study, a 3D numerical model was developed to simulate the free surface hydrodynamics and transportation of cohesive sediment with a median diameter of 0.0025 to 0.003 mm in Enid Lake. Flow fields in the lake are generally induced by wind and upstream river inflow, and the sediment is also introduced from the inflow during storm events. The general processes of sediment flocculation and settling were considered in the model, and the erosion rate and deposition rate of cohesive sediment were calculated. In this model, the sediment simulation was coupled with flow simulation. In this research, remote sensing technology was applied to estimate the sediment concentration at the lake surface and provide validation data for numerical model simulation. The model results and remote sensing data help us to understand the transport, deposition and resuspension processes of cohesive sediment in large reservoirs due to wind-induced currents and upstream river flows.
3D numerical model, remote sensing, cohesive sediment transport, wind-induced flow, Enid Lake
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