Technological innovations on direct carbon mitigation by ordered energy conversion and full resource utilization

Carbon Neutrality(2022)

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Coal consumption leads to over 15 billion tons of global CO 2 emissions annually, which will continue at a considerable intensity in the foreseeable future. To remove the huge amount of CO 2 , a practically feasible way of direct carbon mitigation, instead of capturing that from dilute tail gases, should be developed; as intended, we developed two innovative supporting technologies, of which the status, strengths, applications, and perspective are discussed in this paper. One is supercritical water gasification-based coal/biomass utilization technology, which orderly converts chemical energy of coal and low-grade heat into hydrogen energy, and can achieve poly-generation of steam, heat, hydrogen, power, pure CO 2 , and minerals. The other one is the renewables-powered CO 2 reduction techniques, which uses CO 2 as the resource for carbon-based fuel production. When combining the above two technical loops, one can achieve a full resource utilization and zero CO 2 emission, making it a practically feasible way for China and global countries to achieve carbon neutrality while creating substantial domestic benefits of economic growth, competitiveness, well-beings, and new industries.
CO 2 reduction
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