On the spot immunocapture in targeted biomarker analysis using paper-bound streptavidin as anchor for biotinylated antibodies

Christina Johannsen, Anam ul haq, Léon Reubsaet,Trine Grønhaug Halvorsen

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry(2022)

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The modification of an easily available resource like paper to circumvent expensive or intensive sample pretreatment could be the answer to sample analysis in resource-poor regions. Therefore, a novel on-paper device combining sample collection with affinity sample pretreatment is introduced here. Universal smart affinity samplers are produced by a simple KIO 4 -mediated oxidation of cellulose, which functionalizes the paper. This is followed by immobilization of streptavidin. Streptavidin serves as a universal anchor for biotinylated antibodies, enabling simple preparation of tailor-made affinity samplers. The functionality of the device was tested using a model protein (human chorionic gonadotropin, hCG) and biotinylated anti-hCG antibodies for affinity capture. In a laboratory setting, the performance was demonstrated, and a 14-fold increase of target binding compared to binding without bmAb was achieved. The recovery of hCG captured with bmAb-treated samplers was determined to be 33% and comparable to previously described affinity capture approaches. Application of the smart affinity samplers to human serum containing hCG showed an R 2 of 0.98 (200–1000 pg mL −1 ), precision of ≤ 9.1% RSD, and estimated limit of detection of 65 pg mL −1 . Although further optimization and validation are necessary prior to application to real samples in clinical settings, the potential of the device for use in determination of low abundant biomarkers in complex samples has been demonstrated.
Antibodies, Tailor-made, Smart sampler, Pretreatment, Universal anchor, Biotin
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