Variation in Physical and Biochemical Properties of Cherry Tomato cv. Nagmoti Grown under Different Growing Conditions

Agricultural Science Digest - A Research Journal(2022)

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Background: The intended research was carried out with an aim to evaluate the differences in health promoting bioactive compounds in cherry tomato cv. Nagmoti among the different growing conditions. Methods: Cherry tomato cv. Nagmoti were grown under different conditions as per standard agronomic practices and harvested fruits were were analyzed for physical, biochemical and postharvest quality parameters. Result: About 1.63-fold variation in total carotenoid and 1.39-fold variation in lycopene content was recorded among the different growing structures. Highest titratable acidity (0.118%) and total phenolic content (µg GAE/100g FW) was found in the shade net structures. The highest antioxidant activity was recorded in insect-proof net house (15.45 µmol trolox equiv. g-1) while the least was found in open field (12.04 µmol trolox equiv. g-1) condition. Walking tunnel followed by shade net and insect-proof net house was found best for the better accumulation of functional parameters.
cherry tomato cv,nagmoti,biochemical properties
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