Symbolic Synthesis of Indifferentiability Attacks

Proceedings of the 2022 ACM on Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security(2022)

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We propose automated methods for synthesising attacks against indifferentiability, a powerful simulation-based notion of security commonly used to reason about symmetric-key constructions. Our methods are inspired from symbolic cryptography which is popular to reason about, e.g., cryptographic protocols. For that, we introduce a core programming language for algebraic distinguishers and study the class of universal distinguishers, who win the indifferentiability game against every simulator; then, we show that the universality of algebraic distinguishers can be reduced to solving systems of algebraic, deducibility and static-equivalence constraints. Our approach is implemented in a tool, AutoDiff, which solves these constraint systems, and applies heuristics to automate the cryptanalysis (i.e., to search automatically for universal distinguishers). We evaluate the tool with many non-trivial attacks from the literature on Feistel networks and Even-Mansour blockciphers among others. Our tool is able to check the validity these attacks, and in many cases to synthesise them without guidance. To our knowledge, AutoDiff is the first practical tool for indifferentiability attacks.
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