TIDEE: Tidying Up Novel Rooms Using Visuo-Semantic Commonsense Priors.

European Conference on Computer Vision(2022)

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We introduce TIDEE, an embodied agent that tidies up a disordered scene based on learned commonsense object placement and room arrangement priors. TIDEE explores a home environment, detects objects that are out of their natural place, infers plausible object contexts for them, localizes such contexts in the current scene, and repositions the objects. Commonsense priors are encoded in three modules: i) visuo-semantic detectors that detect out-of-place objects, ii) an associative neural graph memory of objects and spatial relations that proposes plausible semantic receptacles and surfaces for object repositions, and iii) a visual search network that guides the agent's exploration for efficiently localizing the receptacle-of-interest in the current scene to reposition the object. We test TIDEE on tidying up disorganized scenes in the AI2THOR simulation environment. TIDEE carries out the task directly from pixel and raw depth input without ever having observed the same room beforehand, relying only on priors learned from a separate set of training houses. Human evaluations on the resulting room reorganizations show TIDEE outperforms ablative versions of the model that do not use one or more of the commonsense priors. On a related room rearrangement benchmark that allows the agent to view the goal state prior to rearrangement, a simplified version of our model significantly outperforms a top-performing method by a large margin. Code and data are available at the project website: https://tidee-agent.github.io/.
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