Full Duplex Communication with Practical Self-Interference Cancellation Implementation

ICC 2022 - IEEE International Conference on Communications(2022)

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Full duplex (FD) communication is an enabling technology with simultaneous uplink and downlink transmission over the same spectrum, which could not only virtually double the spectrum but also shorten the latency of bi-directional communications. One of the key challenges to bring full duplex into reality is how to design a practically implementable self-interference cancellation (SIC). This paper promotes a practical joint-design of SIC capable of >120dB SIC gain to make in-band FD practically viable. It consists of novel integrated SIC antenna, multi-tap tunable RF SIC and non-linear digital SIC. Further, a prototype system implemented using in-band FD with 5G NR commercial level hardware components is presented, which not only verifies in-band FD is practically implementable with the proposed joint SIC, but also achieves highest SIC results, i.e. 122.5dB SIC capability with 32dBm transmit power, to our best knowledge. This result confirms the appealing potential of in-band FD and conclusively, the in-band FD communication with the developed effective SIC turns out to be a promising enabler for future business thriving.
in-band full duplex,self-interference cancelation,SIC
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