Nursing's Wicked Problems: Partnering With Academic Leadership to Develop Solutions.

Nursing administration quarterly(2022)

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Nursing is in a challenging place, and we are facing many incredibly complex issues that are steeped in culture and tradition. These "wicked problems" often arise when organizations face constant change or unprecedented challenges. In this article, we discuss current issues that hinder all nurse leaders from elevating nursing as a profession, with a particular focus on the role and contributions of the academic nurse leader in creating and sustaining positive change. By prioritizing meaningful collaboration, reimagining education for nursing outside the hospital walls, investing in evidence for practice, and advocating by amplifying new voices, we can identify shared goals and develop coordinated plans of action. The goal of academic nursing is to work to understand wicked disciplinary problems while also analyzing and critiquing what is not working, articulating possible solutions, and collaborating with other nurse leaders to address these complex issues. This also means that academic nursing should be held equally accountable for delivering results.
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