Network entitlement: contract-based network sharing with agility and SLO guarantees

SIGCOMM '22: Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM 2022 Conference(2022)

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This paper presents Meta's Production Wide Area Network (WAN) Entitlement solution used by thousands of Meta's services to share the network safely and efficiently. We first introduce the Network Entitlement problem, i.e., how to share WAN bandwidth across services with flexibility and SLO guarantees. We present a new abstraction entitlement contract , which is stable, simple, and operationally friendly . The contract defines services' network quota and is set up between the network team and services teams to govern their obligations. Our framework includes two key parts: (1) an entitlement granting system that establishes an agile contract while achieving network efficiency and meeting long-term SLO guarantees, and (2) a large-scale distributed run-time enforcement system that enforces the contract on the production traffic. We demonstrate its effectiveness through extensive simulations and real-world end-to-end tests. The system has been deployed and operated for over two years in production. We hope that our years of experience provide a new angle to viewing WAN network sharing in production and will inspire follow-up research.
Wide-area networks, Bandwidth sharing, Network isolation
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