A Novel Algorithmic Forex Trade and Trend Analysis Framework Based on Deep Predictive Coding Network Optimized with Reptile Search Algorithm


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This paper proposed a short-term two-stage hybrid algorithmic framework for trade and trend analysis of the Forex market by augmenting the currency pair datasets with transformed attributes using a few technical indicators and statistical measures. In the first phase, an optimized deep predictive coding network (DPCN) based on a meta-heuristic reptile search algorithm (RSA) inspired by the intelligent hunting activities of the crocodiles is exploited to develop this RSA-DPCN predictive model. The proposed model has been compared with optimized versions of extreme learning machine (ELM) and functional link artificial neural network (FLANN) with genetic algorithm (GA), particle swarm optimization (PSO), and differential evolution (DE) along with the RSA optimizers. The performance of this model has been evaluated and validated through several statistical tests. In the second phase, the up and down trends are analyzed using the Higher Highs Higher Lows, and Lower Highs Lower Lows (HHs/HLs and LHs/LLs) trend analysis tool. Further, the observed trends are compared with the actual trends observed on the exchange price of real datasets. This study shows that the proposed RSA-DPCN model accurately predicts the exchange price. At the same time, it provides a well-structured platform to discern the directions of the market trends and thereby guides in finding the entry and exit points of the Forex market.
forex market, deep predictive coding network, reptile search algorithm, trading and trend analysis, up-trend and down-trend, Higher Highs Higher Lows and Lower Highs Lower Lows (HHs/HLs and LHs/LLs)
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