A Dataset of 3D Structural and Simulated Transport Properties of Complex Porous Media


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Physical processes that occur within porous materials have wide-ranging applications including - but not limited to - carbon sequestration, battery technology, membranes, oil and gas, geothermal energy, nuclear waste disposal, water resource management. The equations that describe these physical processes have been studied extensively; however, approximating them numerically requires immense computational resources due to the complex behavior that arises from the geometrically-intricate solid boundary conditions in porous materials. Here, we introduce a new dataset of unprecedented scale and breadth, DRP-372 : a catalog of 3D geometries, simulation results, and structural properties of samples hosted on the Digital Rocks Portal. The dataset includes 1736 flow and electrical simulation results on 217 samples, which required more than 500 core years of computation. This data can be used for many purposes, such as constructing empirical models, validating new simulation codes, and developing machine learning algorithms that closely match the extensive purely-physical simulation. This article offers a detailed description of the contents of the dataset including the data collection, simulation schemes, and data validation.
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simulated transport properties,porous media,3d structural
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