MuGrid: A scintillator detector towards cosmic muon absorption imaging

Hang Yang,Guang Luo, Tao Yu, Shihan Zhao, Biying Hu, Zhencheng Huang, Han Shen,Lili Yang,Yu Chen,Jian Tang

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment(2022)

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Muography has a wide range of applications especially in the cross-disciplinary area. It is a powerful tool to probe the internal composition of objects in a non-destructive way. To achieve the goal of muography, it is essential to track muons as precisely as possible. We designed a cosmic muon tracking detector MuGrid using plastic scintillators. In this work, we present the preliminary progress of the MuGrid detector and its demonstrator, including the data acquisition system, characterization of plastic scintillators and Monte Carlo modeling of MuGrid. We also analyzed its detection efficiency, angular resolution, and provided a comparison of back-projection images of simulation and observation in an open environment. A case study is conducted in a tunnel as a validation of the whole system.
Muon imaging techniques,Plastic scintillator detector,SiPM
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