3D microstructure characterization of polymer battery electrodes by statistical image analysis based on synchrotron X-ray tomography

Journal of Power Sources(2022)

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Polymer-based batteries represent a promising concept for next-generation energy storage due to their potentially higher power densities and smaller ecological footprint, compared to classical Li-ion batteries. Since the microstructure of electrodes is a key factor for the performance of battery cells, a detailed understanding of this microstructure is essential for the improvement of manufacturing processes. In the present contribution, the 3D microstructure of electrodes for polymer-based batteries is quantitatively characterized for the first time, where synchrotron X-ray tomography is combined with statistical image analysis. In particular, 3D imaging is performed for two porous electrodes, which both consist of the redox-active polymer PTMA as well as conductive additives, but differ regarding their binder materials. The focus is put on local heterogeneity of volume fractions of the constituents, surface area per unit volume of the polymer phase and the length of shortest transportation paths through both, polymer and binder-additive phase. It is shown that using different binder materials leads to significant differences regarding the 3D electrode microstructures. In this way, statistical analysis of image data helps to gain further insight into the influence of manufacturing processes on electrode microstructures and thus, on the performance of battery cells.
3D microstructure characterization,Image analysis,Polymer battery,PTMA electrode,Spatial statistics,Synchrotron X-ray tomography
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