The utility of molecularly imprinted polymers for mass spectrometric protein and proteomics analysis.


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Selective and efficient sample clean-up is important in mass spectrometric protein- and proteomics analyses from biological matrices. Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs), polymers prepared to have tailor-made cavities for capture of target analytes may by such represent an interesting alternative for selective clean-up. The present review aims to give an overview of the utility of MIPs for protein capture from biological matrices prior to mass spectrometry (MS) analysis. The application of MIPs in depletion of abundant proteins, in protein and proteotypic peptide capture as well as in capture of post-translational modifications (PTMs) is described and discussed. In addition, an overview of available MIP formats and their advantages and challenges is given, together with an overview of the mass spectrometric techniques used in protein analysis after MIP capture. Overall, the present literature demonstrates that for many applications MIPs for sample clean-up in mass spectrometric protein and proteomics analysis from biological matrices is still not fully matured. MIPs for proteotypic peptide capture is the most mature approach and a method for routine use may be available within the next few years.
antibody free sample preparation,mass spectrometry,molecularly imprinted polymers,protein analysis,proteomics analysis
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