ACM Transactions on Graphics(2022)

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3D avatar creation plays a crucial role in the digital age. However, the whole production process is prohibitively time-consuming and labor-intensive. To democratize this technology to a larger audience, we propose AvatarCLIP, a zero-shot text-driven framework for 3D avatar generation and animation. Unlike professional software that requires expert knowledge, AvatarCLIP empowers layman users to customize a 3D avatar with the desired shape and texture, and drive the avatar with the described motions using solely natural languages. Our key insight is to take advantage of the powerful vision-language model CLIP for supervising neural human generation, in terms of 3D geometry, texture and animation. Specifically, driven by natural language descriptions, we initialize 3D human geometry generation with a shape VAE network. Based on the generated 3D human shapes, a volume rendering model is utilized to further facilitate geometry sculpting and texture generation. Moreover, by leveraging the priors learned in the motion VAE, a CLIP-guided reference-based motion synthesis method is proposed for the animation of the generated 3D avatar. Extensive qualitative and quantitative experiments validate the effectiveness and generalizability of AvatarCLIP on a wide range of avatars. Remarkably, AvatarCLIP can generate unseen 3D avatars with novel animations, achieving superior zero-shot capability. Codes are available at https://github.com/hongfz16/AvatarCLIP.
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