NQ/ATP: Architectural Support for Massive Aggregate Queries in Data Center Networks

2022 IEEE/ACM 30th International Symposium on Quality of Service (IWQoS)(2022)

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Network queries become increasingly challenging for online service providers with massive network devices and massive network queries due to the tradeoff between system scale and query granularity. We re-architect the traditional three-tier architecture, i.e., data collection, data storage, and data query, for aggregate queries, and build a system named NQ/ATP. NQ/ATP offloads the aggregation operation in network queries onto network switches, which accelerates the query execution and frees up network resources. NQ/ATP further devises a route learning mechanism, query hierarchy load balancing policy, and hierarchy clustering mechanism to save forwarding table entries on switches, which better supports massive queries. The evaluation shows that NQ/ATP can support network aggregate queries with higher capacity, less traffic volume, finer granularity, and better scalability than traditional three-tier polling architectures. The three optimizations can effectively reduce the forwarding table usage by up to 97.55%.
Aggregate Query,Programmable Switch,Net-work Query,Data Center Networks,Routing
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