UniSKGRep: A unified representation learning framework of social network and knowledge graph

Yinghan Shen,Xuhui Jiang, Zijian Li, Yuanzhuo Wang,Chengjin Xu, Huawei Shen,Xueqi Cheng


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The human-oriented applications aim to exploit behaviors of people, which impose challenges on user modeling of integrating social network (SN) with knowledge graph (KG), and jointly analyzing two types of graph data. However, existing graph representation learning methods merely represent one of two graphs alone, and hence are unable to comprehensively consider features of both SN and KG with profiling the correlation between them, resulting in unsatisfied performance in downstream tasks. Considering the diverse gap of features and the difficulty of associating of the two graph data, we introduce a Unified Social Knowledge Graph Representation learning framework (UniSKGRep), with the goal to leverage the multi-view information inherent in the SN and KG for improving the downstream tasks of user modeling. To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to present a unified representation learning framework for SN and KG. Concretely, the SN and KG are organized as the Social Knowledge Graph (SKG), a unified representation of SN and KG. For the representation learning of SKG, first, two separate encoders in the Intra-graph model capture both the social-view and knowledge-view in two embedding spaces, respectively. Then the Inter-graph model is learned to associate the two separate spaces via bridging the semantics of overlapping node pairs. In addition, the overlapping node enhancement module is designed to effectively align two spaces with the consideration of a relatively small number of overlapping nodes. The two spaces are gradually unified by continuously iterating the joint training procedure. Extensive experiments on two real-world SKG datasets have proved the effectiveness of UniSKGRep in yielding general and substantial performance improvement compared with the strong baselines in various downstream tasks.(c) 2022 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Social knowledge graph,Graph representation learning,Knowledge graph,Social network
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