UniFormerV2: Spatiotemporal Learning by Arming Image ViTs with Video UniFormer


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Learning discriminative spatiotemporal representation is the key problem of video understanding. Recently, Vision Transformers (ViTs) have shown their power in learning long-term video dependency with self-attention. Unfortunately, they exhibit limitations in tackling local video redundancy, due to the blind global comparison among tokens. UniFormer has successfully alleviated this issue, by unifying convolution and self-attention as a relation aggregator in the transformer format. However, this model has to require a tiresome and complicated image-pretraining phrase, before being finetuned on videos. This blocks its wide usage in practice. On the contrary, open-sourced ViTs are readily available and well-pretrained with rich image supervision. Based on these observations, we propose a generic paradigm to build a powerful family of video networks, by arming the pretrained ViTs with efficient UniFormer designs. We call this family UniFormerV2, since it inherits the concise style of the UniFormer block. But it contains brand-new local and global relation aggregators, which allow for preferable accuracy-computation balance by seamlessly integrating advantages from both ViTs and UniFormer. Without any bells and whistles, our UniFormerV2 gets the state-of-the-art recognition performance on 8 popular video benchmarks, including scene-related Kinetics-400/600/700 and Moments in Time, temporal-related Something-Something V1/V2, untrimmed ActivityNet and HACS. In particular, it is the first model to achieve 90% top-1 accuracy on Kinetics-400, to our best knowledge. Code will be available at https://github.com/OpenGVLab/UniFormerV2.
Vision Transformer,Action Recognition,Video Learning
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