Do tillage systems affect the cadmium threshold in farmland soil for environmental quality standard setting?

Science of The Total Environment(2023)

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Tillage systems may change the cadmium (Cd) threshold of farmland soil. However, there have been few studies on this topic. Therefore, this study aimed to explore the influence of tillage systems on Cd threshold. The study conducted 2-year field experiments under different tillage systems (early rice-fallow, early rice-late rice and early rice-vegetable) at three typical Cd-polluted sites in China. The species sensitivity distribution (SSD) method was used to construct the SSD curves for the calculation of the Cd threshold by analyzing the experimental data. The sensitivity analysis results based on the SSD curves revealed that the sensitivities to Cd in rice varieties under the same tillage system were substantially different but almost the same under different tillage systems. These results can help select rice varieties with low Cd sensitivity for crop safety. Different tillage systems at the same site varied in their influence on Cd threshold values. Cd threshold values under early rice-late rice (e.g., 0.27, 0.28 mg/kg in Xiangtan City) and early rice-vegetable (e.g., 0.26, 0.31 mg/kg in Xiangtan City) tillage systems were roughly lower than that under the early rice-fallow tillage system (e.g., 0.33, 0.35 mg/kg in Xiangtan City). Notably, the influence of tillage systems resulted in Cd threshold values being generally lower than the Cd risk screening values of the current Chinese soil environmental quality standard. Analysis of the influence of different tillage systems on the Cd threshold is beneficial for the optimization of farmland soil environmental quality standards.
Farmland soil,Ecological threshold,Tillage systems,Species sensitivity distribution,Cadmium pollution,Environmental risk assessment
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