XMA2: A crossbar-aware multi-task adaption framework via 2-tier masks

Fan Zhang,Li Yang, Jian Meng, Jae-sun Seo, Yu Cao,Deliang Fan

Frontiers in Electronics(2022)

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Recently, ReRAM crossbar-based deep neural network (DNN) accelerator has been widely investigated. However, most prior works focus on single-task inference due to the high energy consumption of weight reprogramming and ReRAM cells' low endurance issue. Adapting the ReRAM crossbar-based DNN accelerator for multiple tasks has not been fully explored. In this study, we propose XMA(2), a novel crossbar-aware learning method with a 2-tier masking technique to efficiently adapt a DNN backbone model deployed in the ReRAM crossbar for new task learning. During the XMA(2)-based multi-task adaption (MTA), the tier-1 ReRAM crossbar-based processing-element- (PE-) wise mask is first learned to identify the most critical PEs to be reprogrammed for essential new features of the new task. Subsequently, the tier-2 crossbar column-wise mask is applied within the rest of the weight-frozen PEs to learn a hardware-friendly and column-wise scaling factor for new task learning without modifying the weight values. With such crossbar-aware design innovations, we could implement the required masking operation in an existing crossbar-based convolution engine with minimal hardware/memory overhead to adapt to a new task. The extensive experimental results show that compared with other state-of-the-art multiple-task adaption methods, XMA(2) achieves the highest accuracy on all popular multi-task learning datasets.
neural networks,in-memory computing,non-volatile memory,continual learning,emerging architectures
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