Dramatic Tuning of the Topological Hall Effect in A x RhO 2 (A = K, Rb, and Cs) Crystals by Electron Concentration or Cation

Advanced Functional Materials(2022)

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Topological Hall effect, being an unconventional anomalous Hall effect, is originated from the real-space Berry curvature caused by the nontrivial topological spin textures in materials. Manipulations of nontrivial magnetic structure and related topological Hall effect are very important for the study of the chiral magnet. Herein, it is experimentally observed that the significant topological Hall conductivity sigma(xy) in antiferromagnetic K0.5RhO2 can reach 3.5% of nu = 1 quantum conductivity below 20 K. Furthermore, by adjusting the concentration of K-cation different from 0.5 in KxRhO2 or substituting the K cations by Rb or Cs to form Rb0.5RhO2 or Cs0.5RhO2, it is observed that the topological Hall effect is much weakened or even disappeared. This evolution, verified by the theoretical calculations, is attributed to the unstable ground state of the non-coplanar spin structure in KxRhO2 (x = 0.4 and 0.6) and Cs0.5RhO2. The significantly tunable topological Hall effect in A(x)RhO(2) makes it prospective on logical/sensor devices of spintronics.
electronic transports,magnetism,single crystals,topological Hall effects
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