Summarizing Sets of Related ML-Driven Recommendations for Improving File Management in Cloud Storage

User Interface Software and Technology(2022)

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ABSTRACTPersonal cloud storage systems increasingly offer recommendations to help users retrieve or manage files of interest. For example, Google Drive’s Quick Access predicts and surfaces files likely to be accessed. However, when multiple, related recommendations are made, interfaces typically present recommended files and any accompanying explanations individually, burdening users. To improve the usability of ML-driven personal information management systems, we propose a new method for summarizing related file-management recommendations. We generate succinct summaries of groups of related files being recommended. Summaries reference the files’ shared characteristics. Through a within-subjects online study in which participants received recommendations for groups of files in their own Google Drive, we compare our summaries to baselines like visualizing a decision tree model or simply listing the files in a group. Compared to the baselines, participants expressed greater understanding and confidence in accepting recommendations when shown our novel recommendation summaries.
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cloud storage, recommendations, Google Drive, personal information management
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