High-Performance Sputter-Prepared Metal-Oxide Thin-Film Transistors Based on Solution-Processed Targets

IEEE Electron Device Letters(2023)

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Metal-oxide (MO) thin-film transistors (TFTs) can be made using low-cost solution-processing methods, which however, generally show compromised TFT performances partially arising from the low film density. To address this challenge, here we proposed a method that employed solution-processed MO film as a target to prepare sputtered MO TFTs. For purposes of illustration, Pr doped indium gallium oxide (InGaPrO) was chosen as the main MO semiconductor material to be studied. The sputter-prepared In0.619Ga0.336Pr0.045Ox TFTs based on solution-processed film targets exhibited a saturation mobility ( $\mu _{\text {sat}}{)}$ of 10.37 ± 0.41 cm2/Vs, a turn-on voltage ( ${V}_{\text {on}}{)}$ of −1.42 ± 0.37 V, an ${I}_{\text {on}}/{I}_{\text {off}}$ ratio of > $1\times 10^{{8}}$ , and negligible hysteresis, while the conventional solution-processed counterparts displayed an inferior $\mu _{\text {sat}}$ of 1.59 ± 0.11 cm2/Vs. Negative bias illumination stress stability tests revealed that sputter- and solution-processed InGaPrO TFTs had negative $V_{\text {on}}$ shifts of 5.4 and 1.2 V, respectively, which is mainly related to the change in film density. The proposed method was further extended to fabricate low-temperature, high-performance InOx and In0.95Pr0.05Ox TFTs with $\mu _{\text {sat}}$ of 24.33 ± 0.42 cm2/Vs and 21.82 ± 0.81 cm2/Vs, revealing the potential of using solution-processed film targets for fabricating a wide range of sputtered MO TFTs.
Metal oxide,thin-film transistors,sputter,solution process,targets
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