Poisson Game with Population Uncertainty for Mobile Edge Computing Networks.

IEEE International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC)(2022)

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Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) networks are developing toward a large-scale, highly dynamic, distributed, and heterogeneous network. With the increasing scale of MEC, the types of devices accessing the MEC become more and more diverse, and the number of devices is uncertain. Meanwhile, for the lack of effective coordinated mechanisms among heterogeneous devices, severe network load imbalance issues will occur. To tackle this problem, this work proposes a cybertwin-enabled coordinated access strategy for heterogeneous devices with an uncertain number of devices. Specifically, the edge cloud access strategy problem is first modeled as a Poisson game, and the edge cloud network load balance is implemented by solving the equilibrium of this game. Then, the equilibrium conditions of this game are given, and the existence and uniqueness of the equilibrium are further proved. Moreover, a distributed iterative algorithm is proposed to seek the equilibrium efficiently. Finally, simulation results verify that the proposed strategy can reduce the average accessing queuing probability of edge cloud, and balance the load of the edge cloud network.
poisson game,population uncertainty,edge
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