Research on Transient Control Performance Improvement of Complex Control System in Nuclear Power Plant

Luan Zhen-hua, Chen Rui, Liu Dao-guang, Yan Xin-hong,Liang Jun

Nuclear Power Plants: Innovative Technologies for Instrumentation and Control Systems(2022)

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Aiming at the problem that the control performance of nuclear power unit after parameter optimization cannot meet the requirements of transient conditions. A standardized method to improve the transient control performance through logic optimization and operation optimization is proposed. This method consists of parameter optimization, control logic optimization, operating condition optimization and instrument/actuator optimization. It realizes the stable operation of nuclear power unit and the effective control of transient. The results of control system optimization of several nuclear power units show that this method can reduce the risk of transient operation of the control system, improve the operation quality of the unit, and obtain good economic and safety benefits.
Closed-loop control, Parameter optimization, Disturbance test, Transient test
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