GPU-based Private Information Retrieval for On-Device Machine Learning Inference


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On-device machine learning (ML) inference can enable the use of private user data on user devices without remote servers. However, a pure on-device solution to private ML inference is impractical for many applications that rely on embedding tables that are too large to be stored on-device. To overcome this barrier, we propose the use of private information retrieval (PIR) to efficiently and privately retrieve embeddings from servers without sharing any private information during on-device ML inference. As off-the-shelf PIR algorithms are usually too computationally intensive to directly use for latency-sensitive inference tasks, we 1) develop a novel algorithm for accelerating PIR on GPUs, and 2) co-design PIR with the downstream ML application to obtain further speedup. Our GPU acceleration strategy improves system throughput by more than $20 \times$ over an optimized CPU PIR implementation, and our co-design techniques obtain over $5 \times$ additional throughput improvement at fixed model quality. Together, on various on-device ML applications such as recommendation and language modeling, our system on a single V100 GPU can serve up to $100,000$ queries per second -- a $>100 \times$ throughput improvement over a naively implemented system -- while maintaining model accuracy, and limiting inference communication and response latency to within $300$KB and $<100$ms respectively.
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