A Study on Corporate Information Assets Management System Using NFT.


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The technology outflows of corporates are mainly targeted at information assets containing information such as core secrets or technical information, which can cause companies to lose technological competitiveness or serious economic damage, so security risk management is essential. For risk management of information assets, the corporates identify the asset, classify the security level according to its intrinsic value, and manage and control it by applying differential protection measures. As the development of ICT technology accelerates the change to the digital business environment, the protection area and assets of companies increase, making it difficult to identify and classify information assets and increasing the complexity of security risks. NFT is a technology that uses blockchain network to give the value of uniqueness and scarcity of digital assets such as images, trademarks, and game items, or real assets such as art, art, and clothing in a digital environment. In this paper, we propose a blockchain system that can support the integrated protection of corporate information assets by utilizing NFT in a rapidly changing security environment.
Blockchain,NFT,Industrial Security,Intellectual Property
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