Scalable Estimation of Nonparametric Markov Networks with Mixed-Type Data

ICLR 2023(2023)

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Markov network characterizes the conditional independence structure, or Markov property, among a set of random variables. Existing work focuses on specific families of distributions (e.g., exponential families) and/or certain structures of the graph, and most of them can only handle variables of a single data type (continuous or discrete). In this work, we generalize the characterization of the conditional independence structure to handle general distributions for all data types (i.e., continuous, discrete, and mixed-type) with general functional relations among variables, thus giving rise to a Markov network structure learning algorithm in one of the most general settings. To deal with the computational challenge of the problem, especially for large graphs, we unify all cases under the same umbrella of a regularized score matching framework. We validate the theoretical results experimentally and demonstrate the scalability of the approach--it produces the estimated Markov network over up to 5000 nodes within one hour on CPUs. We further discuss the implication of the proposed approach in causal discovery.
Structure learning,Markov networks,graphical models,score matching,model selection
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