Exploration and Regularization of the Latent Action Space in Recommendation

WWW 2023(2023)

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In recommender systems, reinforcement learning solutions have effectively boosted recommendation performance because of their ability to capture long-term user-system interaction. However, the action space of the recommendation policy is a list of items, which could be extremely large with a dynamic candidate item pool. To overcome this challenge, we propose a hyper-actor and critic learning framework where the policy decomposes the item list generation process into a hyper-action inference step and an effect-action selection step. The first step maps the given state space into a vectorized hyper-action space, and the second step selects the item list based on the hyper-action. In order to regulate the discrepancy between the two action spaces, we design an alignment module along with a kernel mapping function for items to ensure inference accuracy and include a supervision module to stabilize the learning process. We build simulated environments on public datasets and empirically show that our framework is superior in recommendation compared to standard RL baselines.
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